For decades the “Best Price Guarantee” has been the gimmick of choice for many merchants, especially hotel booking websites. It gives the ingenuous shopper a false sense of security by making them believe that buying with that merchant is a safe choice. It makes them believe that the chances of finding a better price elsewhere are very slim and if they find a better price they will be refunded the difference. It can’t get any better than that… or can it?

What the shoppers don’t know is that to claim the difference in price they will have to jump through hoops and bend over backwards. In the end the shopper is forced to decide between two perceived benefits: money, or time and effort.

The following Best Price Guarantees (1,2,3,4) are just a few examples of what some hotel booking sites offer to the public.

Price Setter will soon make the Best Price Guarantee and other similar schemes a thing of the past. Price Setter offers transparency every step of the way in all and every transaction conducted. The lowest discounted prices are generated and presented upfront. Price Setter invites shoppers to bring us the best price they’ve found anywhere else and see if our member merchants can beat that price on the spot. First, shop the rest then come to the best! We give you results in real-time the moment you demand it.