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What Can The Price Setter Platform Do For Me?

Are you looking for a completely new way to gain quality leads that doesn’t involve sharing a portion of your hard earned commission with the lead provider or paying a premium for ad space? Look no further! Price Setter Platform is a completely free tool for Real Estate Agents and implements a “set it and forget it” model. We allow Agents to set up Pricing Parameters that will help determine how high or how low to adjust their asking fee based on just a few factors including: the price of the property, the property type, whether the client is a buyer or a seller, and which other Agents they’re being compared against. Through Price Setter’s patented method, all this can be done automatically and in an instant! Being flexible with their asking fee ensures that Agents get more business. We also let Agents set pricing thresholds so that their asking fee doesn’t fall any lower than what would be profitable to them. The Outcome? Property buyers and sellers save more money on closing and other costs; Agents see an increase in referrals and can adjust their asking fee based on external factors, allowing them to be more precise and more efficient. A win-win for both sides!

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Price is usually one of the things that may make or break a deal and sometimes it can be uncomfortable topic to talk about, but it inevitably has to be brought up. With Price Setter you can avoid any difficulties or friction associated with having to bring up the question of your Asking Fee with a Property Buyer/Seller. Now you can focus on service and start your relationship with your client on the right foot. Put price completely out of mind by letting Price Setter take over for you.



Automatic & Real-Time 

Price Setter Platform handles all negotiating in real-time, and instantaneously so that both Property Buyer, Seller and Agent are happy with the result and no time is wasted. We can do this because our system uses pre-set parameters assigned by the Agent that determine how high or low to set a discount when engaged by the shopper.


Cut Advertising Expenses

Use the Price Setter platform as a springboard for finding clients and do away with all other advertising methods that just aren’t getting you consistent results. Don’t waste another dollar in advertising. Join our network and use dynamic pricing and discounting to your favor!


Broadcast Yourself

Price Setter platform is a simple to use medium or venue to broadcast yourself and get yourself noticed. Show potential clients that you’re ready to represent them at a fair price. Create a custom profile including profile image and bio.

Why Choose Us Over Other Websites?

A Streamlined Experience

We match property Buyers and Sellers who are interested in saving money with Agents who are open to negotiate their commission percentage. Price Setter offers a unique value proposition to both Agents and Shoppers. Agents get an opportunity to use the only FREE set-it-and-forget-it model, allowing them to set parameters on the back end to adjust their asking fee only when being compared against another agent with similar proficiencies. Shoppers get an opportunity to find Agents that will meet their needs and can engage them to compete with other Agents on commission percentage, ultimately saving them money on their closing costs. A few other websites claim to offer competitive pricing, but none of them can offer true, real-time, on the spot dynamic results, which can save both parties time and money.

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You Won’t Have To Share Your Commission With Us!

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