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Price Setter®

a Real-Time Bidding®

Shopping, Marketing and

Advertising Management

Services Platform.

We call it OpenRTB®  


Can you be really sure you’re getting the best deal when comparing prices, discounts or bids from merchants or service providers? Price Setter is a Shopping, Marketing and Advertising Management Services platform to engage merchants and service providers to compete via third party partners in a request for  a price, discount or bid in real time, also known as REAL-TIME BIDDING, REAL-TIME DYNAMIC PRICING OR REAL-TIME DYNAMIC DISCOUNTING; when you get merchants or service providers to compete you can’t lose! 

Our Real-time Bidding services include: Business networking; collection and compilation of information into computer databases in the field of shopping and searching for products and/or services by others; infomediary services, namely, facilitating transactions between buyers and sellers through providing buyers with information about sellers, goods, and/or services; management and compilation of computerized databases; mediation and conclusion of commercial transactions for others; supply chain management services; compilation and provision of trade and business price and statistical information; computerized database management;


What Makes Price Setter® Platform Different?


Upfront Prices/Discounts/Bids

Once a merchant or service provider has successfully beat a competitor’s price, discount or bid, that price, discount or bid gets locked-in upfront, no best price guarantees, no mail in rebates schemes, no fine print here, just 100% transparency on all and every single transaction.


Competition from Merchants and Service Providers

The best way to save money when requesting a price, discount or bid is to have merchants and service providers compete. Price Setter has developed and patented a REAL-TIME BIDDING  Shopping Marketing and Advertising Management Services Platform where merchants or service providers get engaged via third party partners to compete against one another on demand, using their custom price, discount and bid parameters resulting in better prices, discounts or bids!


 Adjustments while you watch

Time is money. That’s why with the Price Setter platform prices, discounts and bids are generated in real time or near real time. No waiting around for savings catcher reports. Prices, discounts or bids are implemented at the precise moment merchants or service providers are engaged to compete. 


Join REAL-TIME BIDDING®  Shopping, Marketing and Advertising Management Services Platform as a Partner Merchant or Service Provider

Why list, market or advertise your products or services on Price Setter® platforms?

Price Setter offers a one of a kind REAL-TIME BIDDING® Shopping, Marketing and Advertising Management services platform where member merchants or service providers can dynamically adjust their prices, discounts or bids, via Price Setter’s third party partners in an automated way that is based on logical supply and demand principles using custom price, discount and bid parameters.

We connect buyers and sellers who are looking for the best deal via third party partners. Price Setter is paving the way to the future of Marketing, Advertising and Shopping Services.