Every online store that sells on Amazon is aware of Amazon’s General Pricing Rule which states ” By our General Pricing Rule, you must always ensure that the item price and total price of an item you list on Amazon.com are at or below the item price and total price at which you offer and/or sell the item via any other online channel.”

Amazon’s pricing terms are defined below:

The item price is the amount payable by a customer, excluding shipping and handling, as it appears when you list an item.

The total price is the amount payable by a customer as well as all terms of offer/sale. This includes all of the following:

  • Shipping and handling charges
  • Discounts, rebates, or special sales/promotions you offer/make with respect to purchases
  • Shipping method
  • Business practices, such as any reduction or elimination of shipping charges on an order, or any other order-related fees and expenses
  • Low-price guarantees

The total price does not include discounts, sales, rebates, or other promotional offers you attempt to make available through Amazon Marketplace but which we do not honor or support.

Based on the last paragraph above, Amazon stores are allowed to use Price Setter’s widget on their websites and offer to sellers discounts from the listed price generated by the widget as part of the total price. Moreover sellers can attempt to display their Price Setter widget on their Amazon Marketplace store unless it is not honored or supported by Amazon as stated in the above paragraph, meaning that if it is not honored or supported by Amazon then Amazon sellers are not restricted from using the Price Setter widget on their own websites.

By means of this public Blog and on behalf of all Amazon sellers, Amazon is invited to make the Price Setter widget available for all Amazon Marketplace store listings.