Price Setter solution addresses the key challenges of both consumers and retailers at the local market level, on line, and on mobile devises presenting highly differentiating features in a user friendly interface.

Price Setter solution uses a patented mechanism. It also uses neutral business rules which are set by the system. No more discrimination, no more segmentation, no more privacy intrusion, no more gimmicks, no more fine print, no more misleading information. There’s only true transparency on every transaction. Using Price Setter application consumers are able to engage retailers and service providers in an unattended, instant price competition. Merchants on the other hand do not need to advertise low prices or high discounts across the board. Their prices automatically adjust in response to who their competition is and what their prices are at the moment the price competition takes place. Their prices only go lower than the asking price when or if necessary. This lets them advertise a higher fixed price on their website page and at the same time be able to adjust their prices as low as necessary to match or beat their competitors when compared side to side. By doing this, merchants can display and sell their products at a higher price when shoppers who don’t comparison shop land at their web page directly. This enables the merchant to make a higher profit and as a result be able to reduce their prices lower than the prices advertised through conventional comparison methods when being compared side to side. Merchants advertising on Price Setter application can reduce their prices lower than other comparison websites when the shopper is searching for the lowest price possible.

Price Setter application is measurable, traceable, it is scalable, and it makes a customized status of the efficiency of their campaign available for its members .