Price Setter believes that a well-planned and implemented Dynamic Price Competition solution holds much market potential. With mobile advertising markets expecting high growth rates, mobile dynamic pricing will play an extremely important role in completing the advertising cycle.

Consumers have adapted to conventional methods of shopping and advertising due to the lack of anything better, but consumers are tired of being always on the lookout for gimmicks, false advertising, the small print and many other misleading tactics used by many advertisers and merchants. They are tired of following business rules established by merchants which make a true and fair deal many times very hard to find. They are tired of having to deal with sales professionals who always have the upper hand when negotiating or trying to verify the legitimacy or validity of a misleading or false advertisement. Needless to say, they are tired of disclosing and exposing their private information.

Prices offered by merchants most of the time carry a high marketing cost. A good example of that is the automobile industry where each new automobile costs an average of $653 (from NADA) to advertise, or the cost involved in massive television ad campaigns used by automobile insurance companies. Obviously all of these costs are paid by the consumer.

All of these inconveniences and many more are practically eliminated by Price Setter solution, yet it embraces all of the conveniences of dynamic pricing, direct marketing, online, offline and mass marketing together in a true, unaltered, legitimate supply and demand environment where every transaction is transparent and fair for both buyers and sellers.