On Dec 9, 2014 Amazon Unveiled ” Make an Offer” to negotiate lower prices trying to catch up with what Priceline introduced decades ago. See one of the articles here. People can use this feature to haggle with online stores via emails through multiple rounds of negotiations.

The article shows a news clip video asking consumers what they think about this new feature and one of them, Mr. Macfarlane, says “I don’t know that I’d want to wait. I might want to buy it right now.”

There are several other platforms that also started offering the “Name your own Price” feature recently such as “Green Toe” and “Price waiter” where the name says it all; you have to wait for the price – for hours or days.

Needless to say that Price Setter platform is ahead of the competition, including Amazon, by providing an on-demand pricing platform where buyers can engage sellers to re-price their products instantly and in real time.