Widget Code generator (With out color option)

Add your Pricesetter widget code to your webpage

You just created customized HTML code for your widget. The final step is to copy the code from this page and paste it into your website editor.

Copy the widget code:

  1. Click Select Code.
  2. Right-click and copy the selected code.

If you’re working with a website developer, you can paste the widget code into an email and send it to your developer now.

Paste the widget code in your website editor:The code must be pasted in the “code” view, where you can view and edit HTML.

  1. In your website editor or admin page, open the page where you want to add your widget.
  2. Look for an option to view or edit HTML.
  3. Find the section of the page where you want your widget to appear.
  4. Right-click and paste your widget code into the HTML.
  5. Save and publish the page. (The preview function in your editor may not display the widget code correctly.)
  6. Test the widget to make sure it links to the Price Setter cloud.