Price Setter application is scheduled to be rolled out in early 2015. Once active, shoppers/buyers will be able to obtain prices lower than ever before by conducting best price searches directly on Price Setter application or by conducting searches on any traditional comparison shopping website or phone application. Once satisfied with a “presumed Best Price” the buyer will be able to copy and paste that price’s screenshot on Price Setter dedicated “Price to Beat”  field and have Seller members of Price Setter beat that price on the spot, guaranteed. How can this be done? By simple economics. Sellers members of Price Setter do not have to advertise low prices across the board all of the time on their own store websites, on traditional comparison shopping websites or phone applications because their prices adjust specifically for each selling transaction. This results in higher profits and allows sellers the opportunity to set their pricing parameters to go lower than any advertised “low price” when necessary.

Buyers do not need to go to brick and mortar stores or online stores which promise to match any price. Using current price matching techniques Buyers actually have to go to the location of the Seller who is offering the price match (Wal-Mart, Best Buy and others) to honor the price match, but the price competition stops right there. This takes away the opportunity for competing Sellers to improve the price. That’s a good strategy for those stores to attract the buyer to their place of business but it takes advantage of Buyers who could have otherwise improved the price match and getting an even lower price using  Price Setter. Soon you will be able to beat those stores who offer price matching guarantees at their own game.

Member Sellers of Price Setter can deposit and store custom pricing parameters in Price Setter’s cloud and have their prices adjust as necessary specifically for each transaction and be able to beat any price by a predetermined margin.