Price Setter




Price Setter for WooCommerce is here!

Price Setter is the ultimate tool to convert comparison shoppers. It allows merchants like you to easily meet or beat a price whenever a shopper compares you to a competing merchant who offers the same product or service. The best thing about Price Setter is that everything is automated so your responses are given in real-time and in an instant. Price Setter integrates with your WooCommerce shopping cart so that any pricing adjustments will be reflected appropriately. All you have to do is register for a free Price Setter Online Store account and upload your customized pricing parameters. Don’t let that sale get away! Start using Price Setter today!


  • Set your own pricing thresholds so that you never sell at a loss.
  • Offer real-time, automated responses to comparison shoppers who visit your website.
  • Price adjustments are based on true supply and demand and only when a shopper presents a price to beat from a competing merchant.
  • Customize button appearance to fit your store’s theme.

Getting Started


Step 1:

WooCommerce must already be installed and activated. If you don’t have it installed do this first. You can get the download here.

Step 2:

Install and activate the Price Setter plugin.

Step 3:

Register for your free Price Setter account here. Be sure to categorize yourself as an Online Store.


Step 4:

Copy your pre-assigned, unique Company Identifier code found in your Account Information page and paste it into the appropriate field located in the WooCommerce Settings page under the Integration tab.


Part 1: Copy the Company Identifier



Part 2: Paste the Company Identifier



Step 5:

Visit the Pricing Parameters page located in your Price Setter Control Panel and set up your custom pricing parameters.


Step 6:

Once you’ve set up your parameters you’ll be able to activate the Price Setter buttons on your product pages. If you don’t have parameters set up for that product or service it will not let you activate the button.



You’re All Set!