Become A Price Setter 


Sponsors make it possible for Real Estate Agents and Property Buyers or Sellers to engage each other through Price Setter. Price Setter is a free service for both parties. We rely on Sponsors so that we can keep on delivering the best deals to shoppers. If you’d like to become a Price Setter Sponsor and get your business noticed, you can purchase a Sponsorship for a low, annual fee.

Why Become A Sponsor?


Prime Targeting

Price Setter offers Sponsors an audience of shoppers who are in the process of buying or selling a property. It’s hard to get more targeted than that!  


Unlimited Impressions

Some ad agencies make you set up a budget and require you to pay per click or impression. Your Price Setter Sponsorship raises awareness to your brand and allows you unlimited impressions with each yearly renewal. 


Low Cost

For a flat, annual fee of $250, you can sponsor our Real Estate Agents and reach Homebuyers, Sellers, and Agents who will need your expertise to assist them with their impending transaction. 

Who Can Be A Sponsor?

Becoming a Price Setter Sponsor offers a great opportunity for any business who is in any way a key participant in a home buying/selling transaction. This is your chance to reach highly targeted demographics who play a pivotal part in maintaining your business goals. We’re looking for:

 Title Companies

Mortgage Companies

➤ Home Insurance Companies

➤ Home Warranty Companies

➤ Home Inspectors

➤ Home Security Companies

➤ Roof Repair Companies

➤ Foundation Repair Companies

➤ Fence Repair/Replace Companies

➤ Paint Contractors

➤ Air Conditioning Contractors

➤ Plumbing Contractors

➤ Electrical Contractors

➤ Kitchen Renovation Contractors

➤ Granite Countertop Installers

➤ Carpet Cleaning/Replacement/Repair Contractors

➤ Cable Providers

➤ Window Repair Companies

➤ Carpet Cleaning/Replacement/Repair Contractors



What Does Sponsorship Get You?

When you purchase a Sponsorship package, we’ll design a custom made ad banner which includes your business logo. Each banner contains an active link to your website, which you will be providing. We’ll display this tile next to the confirmation certificate of every winning Real Estate Agent. Only serious shoppers see this page, so you’re not paying for superfluous impressions.



Sponsorship includes a Regular or Deluxe Ad Space depending on which package you purchase.



 *Not actual size



 *Not actual size

Become A Sponsor

Once you have made a purchase one of our representatives will contact you within a few hours to help you create your ad. If you prefer to contact us or if you have any inquiries, you can reach us at our Contact Us page.

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