Why Use Price Setter™?

How would you like to save more money the next time you’re looking for a Real Estate Agent to represent you in your quest to buy/sell a property? Finding a Real Estate Agent in todays world is usually done through personal references or from searching online. Most Real Estate Agents charge an average comission fee of around 6% which must be split with their counterpart and is normally honored by the property seller. However, there are some instances where the value of the property is considerably more than average and the work done by the Agent is basically the same, which does not justify paying the same 6%. Price Setter gives property buyers and sellers the opportunity to find Real Estate Agents who offer dynamic fees based on the value of the property that is being considered. They can then engage these Agents to compete with each other on-the-spot. The result is you get an Agent who offers the best rate, and you save more money.


FAQ’s: Frequently Asked Questions

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Find The Agent With The Best Fee On The Spot

Other websites require you to fill out information forms or talk with a consultant before they link you with a possible Agent. If you’re like us, you don’t like giving out your personal information to people you’ve never met and you definitely don’t like getting anonymous calls at a time of your inconvenience.  Price Setter makes things convenient for you. We let you choose from a list of Agents near you based on your search criteria and we let you decide which Agents you prefer to engage to compete on-the-spot. No waiting for emails, no interruptions to your personal or business life.


Negotiation Free

Sometimes negotiating can turn into friction. Friction can turn what should be a great experience in someones life into a negative experience. One of the awesome things about Price Setter is that any Asking Fee offered by an Agent has already been agreed to by the Agent on our end.  That means you’re not left wondering how much you have to pay your Agent and you can focus on buying or selling your property!


No Cost And No Obligations

Price Setter is an open platform to shoppers. Property buyers and sellers can use Price Setter to find Agents as many times as they want at no cost. You’re not obligated to stick by your Agent until you sign your representation agreement with the Agent of your choice. There are no additional fees or hidden costs. Our Agents are required to honor the Asking Fee that was presented to the potential Client based on our service standards agreed to by the Agent.

What You’re Getting

Any licensed Real Estate Agent can become a member of Price Setter™

However, to retain membership Real Estate Agents must maintain an exceptional* service rating (which is developed through interaction with property buyers and sellers) and agree to keep a certain standard of quality when providing their services including:


 Listing on MLS

Photos including interior and exterior and/or video of the property or advertising on BizBuySell or Loopnet (as minimum)

Assist Seller in establishing price (Market Research)

Suggest improvements

Provide and install Real Estate sign 

Negotiation with buyers

Advise Seller on contingencies

Customary practices and local regulations


Network with other Brokers and/or Agents

Hold open house

Pre-qualify buyers

Preparation of contracts, addendums, etc

Coordination with third parties

 Oversee the entire closing process 

Frequent Updates


 * Complying with all the requirements and codes of ethics of their Real Estate Association and the laws and regulations of the state where they practice. 

How The Process Works


1. Select Whether You’re A Property Buyer/Seller


2. Select Between Residential Or Commercial Properties


3. Select The Price Range At Which You Are Looking To Buy/Sell The Property


4. Enter Your City, State, And Zip Code To Locate Agents In That Area


5. We’ll Generate A List Of Real Estate Agents Who Meet The Criteria You’ve Entered


6. You Can Select Agents From This List And Engage Them To Compete In Real-Time

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