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In order for Price Setter to give you the best deals we’re going to need a large network of participants behind the scenes. The more competition, the better! That means we need your help to grow our network of Real Estate Agents. If you’re working in the Real Estate industry don’t hesitate to pre-register, or if you know somebody who would be interested, please share this promotion!

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Be one of the first Agents to experience real-time dynamic pricing

Launching in 2016 for Real Estate Agents 

Become a founding member to receive early access and be one of the first to receive special offers, information, and testing that we put out.


– Free service upon platform launch

Join and start Price Setting at no cost. 

– Early access to your control panel

Be one of the first to set up your profile and Pricing Parameters

– Unlimited leads

As part of our pilot program you keep any leads that come to you. 

– Cancel at any time



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Pre-Register now and you’ll receive a FREE membership upon launch!


*Price Setter is only accepting Pre-Registration for Real Estate Agents in the State of Texas at the moment




Once our platform is ready for launch, we will send you a reminder which will include a link to begin your free membership.