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Why Pay Regular Price? Have Stores Compete For You!

With Price Setter you can engage directly with online stores and get better prices for online products in real-time!


Why Use Price Setter?

With all the exclusive sales, holiday promotions, and  low price guarantees that stores are coming up with nowadays it can be difficult to find the best deal when you’re shopping online. Unless you devote a lot of your time searching for these things, you never know exactly when the right sale is going to come along or whether one store is truly offering a better deal than another store. What if it was as simple as having stores compete for you on the spot, in real-time? What if you could be sure you were getting the best deal possible? Are you a comparison shopper? Now Price Setter can help you along the way!



Get The Best Price On Any Online Product In Our System

Other websites require you to fill out information forms or talk with a consultant before they link you with a possible Agent. If you’re like us, you don’t like giving out your personal information to people you’ve never met and you definitely don’t like getting anonymous calls at a time of your inconvenience.  Price Setter makes things convenient for you. We let you choose from a list of Agents near you based on your search criteria and we let you decide which Agents you prefer to engage, on-the-spot. No waiting for emails, no interruptions to your personal or business life.


Negotiation Free

One of the awesome things about Price Setter is that the price you receive has already been agreed to by the merchant on our end.  That means there’s no negotiating. The only thing left to do is to decide whether you want to take it or leave it – but remember, whether you’re comparing two or twenty merchants, you’re getting the best deal possible from the merchants that you’ve engaged!


No Additional Costs

Price Setter is an open platform to shoppers. Shoppers can use Price Setter to find the best price for a product as many times as they want at no cost. There are no additional fees or hidden costs. Our Merchants are required to honor the discount that was presented to the shopper based on our terms agreed to by all Member Merchants.

“What Motivates Online Stores To Participate In A Competition For The Lowest Price?”

The opportunity to capitalize in active sales leads generated by Price Setter belongs to Online Stores as they have the opportunity to beat the prices of all competitors. It is a lot more likely that a Store with “Dynamic Prices” will capitalize on active sales leads, than a Store with static “Fixed Prices”. One of the pricing parameters that Online Stores can set up is how low can their price can go; now, the great advantage of this feature over non-member Store’s “Fixed Prices” is that this lowest price does not need to be advertised but it comes in to play only if and when necessary depending on who their “Dynamic Price” is being compared against. “Fixed Prices” are always advertised “As is” no matter how high or how low they are. Another great benefit for Online Stores is that by becoming members of Price Setter, they can save thousands of dollars a year in ad campaigns and promotions offerings lower prices and good deals as statistics show, efforts that may times go unanswered or unnoticed by consumers or targeted public. Price competition is the core concept around which all modern economics is built, Online Stores who fail to understand or react to consumer needs normally find themselves losing out in the competitive battle.


  • Enter the name of the product you’re looking for or the UPC if you prefer. (Entering the UPC will yield a more accurate search result)
  • After clicking search, Price Setter will populate a list of products that match the search criteria you entered.
  • Select the product you’re looking for and click next.
  • Price Setter will now populate a list of online stores who sell that product.
  • From this list you may now select which stores you want to engage to compete against each other for the best deal.
  • After clicking the Compete button, Price Setter will engage the stores you selected in real-time and one winner will emerge instantaneously.