Price competitions sharing results from other shopping apps



Let’s say you’re in need of a new keyboard for your second computer. You want the exact same one that you’re using right now on your first computer because it’s worked well for you. You use your favorite shopping assistant app to help you find this keyboard at a good price. The following case and figures will demonstrate how you can share the price you found with your favorite shopping app with Price Setter¬†and compare that price against Price Setter Member merchants.


Figure 1



Using the “Scan Barcode” function on your existing shopping assistant app you scan the UPC number located on the box of the keyboard you are intending to buy.


Figure 2



The shopping assistant app turns out results as follows: an image of the item from the barcode you scanned, a description of the item (Apple* keyboard with numeric keypad), a number for merchants who sell this product online, and displays the lowest price available from those merchants.

Figure 3


Clicking the “40 Online Prices” from Fig. 2 takes you to a list of the merchants who sell this particular keyboard in new condition and their price listed in ascending order. From this list we can see that the merchant CWI Outlet sells this keyboard new at $44.26 and beats all other competitors on the list; but you’re a savvy customer and want to see if you can get an even better deal. We’re going to show you how Price Setter takes over from here.

Figure 4


You click on the link to CWI Outlet’s page which has the image of the keyboard, the product description, and the listed price for the keyboard. Using your phone, you take a screenshot of the page, making sure to include the item image, description, and price. In this case: the keyboard image, “APPLE MB110LL/A MINI ULTRA THIN USB KEYBOARD – SILVER & WHITE”, and $44.26. Once you take the screenshot using the proper commands for your smartphone, the image should save directly to your image gallery.

Figure 5


The next step is to open the Price Setter App. If you haven’t already downloaded the app it can be found in the Google Play store or the App Store.

Figure 6


Once the Price Setter App is opened you should see a screen like this. Press the “Upload Image” button on the top toolbar.

Figure 7


On this screen you will be able to upload an image directly from your smartphone’s image gallery. The fields on this page include the upload image field, the enter price to beat from merchant field, and the enter description of the item as its appears on webpage field. At the bottom is a submit button for when all fields have been filled.

Figure 8

Click on the “Upload Image” field from Fig. 7 and you will be directed to your image gallery where you will find the screenshot you previously took of the CWI Outlet page. Select this image to upload it to our server by clicking the image and hitting the next button. You should see a checkmark if the image has been selected.

Figure 9


Once the image has been uploaded you must fill in the price of the item from the image, and the description of the item. In this case $44.26, and “APPLE MB110LL/A MINI ULTRA THIN USB KEYBOARD – SILVER & WHITE”. After completing all 3 fields, click the submit button to generate a list of Price Setter Member Merchants who also sell this keyboard.

Figure 10


The Price Setter Member Merchant list will instantly generate and you will see the item and description at the top of the screen, followed by the merchants at the bottom of the screen. These are the merchants that are going to be competing against the $44.26 from CWI Outlet and have previously stored their pricing parameters form this particular item. When engaged in a price competition, the parameters will automatically adjust their listed price to go lower than the price to beat when certain requirements are met. From this list it is your choice to select which Member Merchants you would like to compete against CWI Outlet’s price to beat of $44.26.

Figure 11


You have the option to make all merchants compete against the price to beat. The more merchants you engage to compete, the better results you will get in terms of price adjustment. After making your selections you can now hit the “COMPETE” button to engage the merchants in price competition.

Figure 12


The results will generate instantly, and in real-time. No waiting around for emails. In this case, one of the Price Setter Member Merchants has emerged as the winner. Merchant C’s previously stored pricing parameters have allowed it to beat CWI Outlet’s perceived lowest price available by $5.50. You can now collect your confirmation number and proceed to checkout at Merchant C’s website. Make sure to store your confirmation number to use it when placing your order.