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And You Win!

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Our patented Transaction Arbiter, combined with our cloud platform, is designed for shoppers to be able to directly engage sellers and get better deals in real-time.

The Dawn Of A New eCommerce Platform

Price Setter is the e-commerce cloud platform where member Sellers can store their custom pricing parameters so their prices can adjust up or down on demand when compared to competitor’s prices by a Shopper. Shoppers get better deals by engaging these member Sellers to compete against each other or against non-member sellers and offer the Shopper the best price possible on a particular transaction. Our mission is to create a more efficient e-commerce environment where both buyers and sellers win.

Price Setter offers a unique combination of advanced technology. Our simple yet highly effective solution is reflective of the company’s in-depth understanding of the requirements of Sellers and Shoppers. While several industry participants have envisioned multiple online and mobile shopping applications for consumers, none of them offer a real time automated best price competition mechanism among Sellers in a true supply and demand environment and not a race to the bottom.