The following explanation videos are concepts designed and produced to give you a better understanding on a few of the several possibilities and applications that Price Setter can be used for. We go in depth to explain how to find a Real Estate Agent who offers you the best discount, how to buy a new car with Price Setter, what pricing parameters are, and more.

Problem & Solution

This video explains how Price Setter solves the problem of how to create a more efficient e-commerce environment where both Buyers and Sellers benefit.

Car Buying With Price Setter

See how new car buyers can use the Price Setter widget to engage new car dealers and get the best deal on the vehicle of their choice.

Finding A Real Estate Agent

Now you can find a Real Estate Agent at the best rate the next time you’re buying or selling a property. Use Price Setter to have Agents compete on the spot in real-time, instantly!

Become A Price Setter Real Estate Agent

Learn the benefits of Dynamic Pricing. Earn more clients than ever before!