The following explanation videos are concepts designed and produced to give you a better understanding on a few of the several possibilities and applications that Price Setter® can be used for. We go in depth to explain how to find a Real Estate Agent who offers you the best discount, how to buy a new car with Price Setter®, what pricing parameters are, and more.

Problem & Solution

This video explains how Price Setter® solves the problem of how to create a more efficient e-commerce environment where both Buyers and Sellers benefit.

Car Buying With Price Setter®

See how new car buyers can use the Price Setter® widget to engage new car dealers and get the best deal on the vehicle of their choice.

Finding A Real Estate Agent

Now you can find a Real Estate Agent at the best rate the next time you’re buying or selling a property. Use Price Setter® to have Agents compete on the spot in real-time, instantly!

Become A Price Setter® Real Estate Agent

Learn the benefits of Dynamic Pricing. Earn more clients than ever before!